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Competitive (Rep) Soccer Scouts and Scholarships

Many of our players have been very successful in being awarded scholarships to various universities around the country.  A few of them would like to tell you their story (see video below).

Lakehead Express Soccer Club is committed to assisting elite players from the competitive program in seeking out soccer scholarships for post secondary education. We have created a Scholarship/Recruitment Coaching position in order to assist the players.

Duties of the Scholarship/Recruitment Coach

  •  Meet with the players and parents to discuss future goals (Canadian or U.S. college/university).
  • Meet with players on a regular basis.
  • Keep in touch with university and college coaches to determine thier upcoming needs.
  • Help players create player profiles and introductory letters.
  • Help players locate proper colleges/universities, find coaches email addresses and assist in correspondence.
  • Evaluate players.
  • Make sure players videotape some games.
  • Assist players in nutrional and fitness education.
  • Remind players and parents to complete NCAA clearinghouse registration and complete SATs if applying to U.S.
  • Attend tournaments with senior teams and keep in contact with coaches and scouts at tourney.
  • Help train players and prepare them for fitness testing at tryouts.
  • Continue to search for new opportunities to showcase our local talent.



  • Keep track of athletic and academic history and create an athletic profile.
  • U.S. College coaches start recruitment as early as Grade 7 and 8 so start early.
  • Download & study a copy of the guide for the college bound student athlete to make sure you understand all NCAA rules and regulations.
  • Most coaches refer to credible prospect lists and tournament results to select prospects.
  • Start filming and editing video to send selected film to coaches. Most coaches evaluate players online and not at tournaments.
  • Be realistic. Not every player will play top college level soccer but over 100s of colleges and universities offer full scholarships.
  • Apply to and contact at least 40 to 50 coaches/schools.
  • Get evaluated as a player often.
  • Register for NCAA clearinghouse and SATs if applying to U.S.
  • Post your athletic profile online for coaches to view.
  • Create a higlight/skills video that shows many different aspects of your game.
  • Look at university/college team rosters to determine if they will be recruiting players for your posters.
  • Keep working on skills, fitness and nutrition daily! Coaches expect you to show up to tryouts FIT, HEALTHY and WITH GREAT SKILLS. The season starts early and there isn't much time to train when you get there.